Here you will find several tutorials on how to use the products from SeeMona's Blog, as well as some useful tips and tricks for your shows made with ProShow Producer and ProShow Gold.

"No Style"
What is "No Style", and why do you need it?

Show file names instead of layer type for photo/video layers

Colorize in ProShow Producer

How to change the look of your slide by colorizing layers. How to colorize, and what to colorize.

Backgrounds in ProShow Producer

What kind of backgrounds are available, and how to use them

Alternative backgrounds in styles from SeeMona's Blog
How to show one background and not the other in your slide

Cropping your images in ProShow Producer
How to use the cropping tool and how to create perfect squares

Hold your image, pause movement (ProShow GOLD)


How to add/import transitions to your list of transitions in Producer

How to change and to add categories to your transitions


Adding Slide Styles in Producer

Working with Slide Styles

EDITING PHOTODEX STYLES  (Customizing, modifying the ready made slide styles):

  Can slide styles be edited? Can you change the ready made styles?

- Style  "Simple Tilt and Zoom 3D"  (Built-In)  - GOLD / PRODUCER

- Style "Corner Pan Fade Dark and Light (Built-In) - GOLD / PRODUCER

- Style "The Grid" (Built-In) - PRODUCER

- Style "Next 1 (from StylePack 1) - PRODUCER

- Style "Oscillations"  (from StylePack 3) - PRODUCER

Capture Frame (ProShow Producer)

How to capture a still frame from the motions of your slide

Zip files and Windows

How to open the zip files that are sent to you