full name is Simona, and for short - Mona.
You understand now why the blog is called SeeMona!
I live in the Central Area of Israel not far from Tel-Aviv.

Just like you, I started making shows with Proshow Producer as a hobby, quickly falling in love with the program.
In April 2008, I opened this site, so that you could take advantage of my templates and styles.
Since then, my products have been included in thousands of shows, all around the world, used by others to create outstanding projects for all types of occasions.
My customers return to my site over and over, always happy with the quality of the products and with the comments that they receive from their audiences.


All the items use high quality animations and graphics. and offer additional effects for your shows, warding off the monotony of showing nothing but picture after picture.

Every product is accompanied by instructions or a tutorial  on how to use it, and is included in the zip file that you receive.

The styles, the transitions and the templates, as well as all the graphic files, can be used for all your ProShow projects, either personal or commercial. 

The products from SeeMona's blog, like all other digital goods, cannot be returned for refund once you received the download links.

PLEASE NOTE: The graphic files can not be used for any other purpose than in ProShow.
The products and their contents cannot be shared with others in any way.  
Re-selling of these products or parts of them, is strictly forbidden.

If you need help or need a specially designed project, please email me. My email address is given by the picture on the right.