Tilt Effects Vol. 3 for ProShow Producer

Tilt Effects Vol. 3 for ProShow Producer

Compatible with Producer 6 and Higher
For widescreen shows only (show aspect ratio: 16:9)

A generic, all purpose pack of slide styles, based primarily on 3D tilting effects. I tried to include in this set mostly classic effects, that are suitable for any type of show.
Although some of the effects might look complicated, for you they are just a matter of "drag and drop".

Most of the effects work with regular images, that were shot in the 4:3 or 3:2 aspect ratios, but also with extra wide images of 16:9.

All the graphics are included in the slide styles. They can be easily modified, replaced and/or simply deleted.

The pack is comprised of the following styles:

* Triumvirate 1, for regular images, with and without title.
* Triumvirate 2,  for 16:9 mages, with and without title
* Leaflet Unfolding - Landscape
* Leaflet Unfolding - Portrait
* Turn-Over - sets of 3, 2 and 1 turning images, for portrait and lanscape
* Pinwheel Vertical Basic
* Pinwheel Vertical Pan Right and Pan Left
* Pages Right and Left
* Year Flip
* Shade and Color Carousel 1 for 3 images.
* Shade and Color Carousel 2 for 6 images.
* Grid Turn Over 1 for 12 Images
* Grid Turn Over 2 for 18 Images

The zip file that you receive includes a total of 20 slide styles for widescreen shows.

Price: 24.95 USD

If you are interested in this product, please email me with your request. An online invoice will be sent to you. The download link for your purchase will be sent after the payment.

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