Swinging GLITTER Frames - Slide Styles

Compatible with Producer 6 and Higher

For Widescreen shows (16:9)

Your pictures are swinging in shiny, glitter frames, in a multitude of colors, including gold and silver.

The styles are given in two versions: Rectangular Frames and Round Frames

This pack includes the following styles:
* Glitter Montage  rectangular and round, in various colors
* Glitter Montage with Titles  rectangular and round, in various colors
* Glitter Pair - rectangular and round
  - Gold and silver
  - Red and green for your Christmas shows
* Glitter Title and Subtitle in gold and silver frames - round and rectangular
* Glitter Souvenir
    Well, the "Glitter Souvenir" isn't exactly swinging like the rest of the slides, but I liked this effect, and couldn't resist to include it in this pack too.

    The styles that you receive are faithful to the color schemes presented in the demonstration shown above.
    But you don't have to limit yourself to these colors!

    You can colorize the frames any way you like, using the "Colorize" menu of Producer. You can choose practically any color/s scheme that you like, you can combine colors, and you can create your own beautiful effects.
    For example, you may choose to use only gold, or only silver, or a combination of the two. Or, you may wish to use only traditional colors for the holidays, or only vivid colors. The possibilities are limitless.

    Price USD 19.95

    If you are interested in this product, please email me with your request. An online invoice will be sent to you. The download link for your purchase will be sent after the payment.

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