SPORTS Style Packs for ProShow Producer

Watch the video clip for each pack of styles here

SPORTS Slide Styles for ProShow Producer

Compatible with Producer 5 and Higher
For widescreen shows only (show aspect ratio: 16x9)

Packs of slide styles for your sports shows, with lots of action, motion, sound effects, and beautiful graphics.

A pack for each of the following sports:

* Football (American)
* Soccer (European Football)
* Basketball
* Baseball
* Softball
* Volleyball

* Hockey
* Beach Volleyball
* Water Polo

Each pack comes with its own animations and dedicated graphics.

Each pack includes the following styles:
  • Lower Thirds With Caption
  • Hit and Turn
  • Hit and Turn - Row of Three
  • Overlay - Single Image (Left and Right)
  • Half Circle Overlay - Montage
  • Rolling Sphere
  • Fold and Unfold 3D Multiple

For every game pack you receive a zip file with:

- 8 (eight) game specific slide styles, for widescreen, inclusive of all the graphic and sound files shown in the demo clip

- Short instructions  for using these styles

My thanks to Mike Gregg, Mike Fields, and Tara Paul for letting me use their beautiful pictures.

FOOTBALL (American)USD 16.95Add to Cart
SOCCER (European Football)USD 16.95Add to Cart
BASKETBALLUSD 16.95Add to Cart
BASEBALLUSD 16.95Add to Cart
SOFTBALLUSD 16.95Add to Cart
HOCKEYUSD 16.95Add to Cart
VOLLEYBALLUSD 16.95Add to Cart
WATER POLOUSD 16.95Add to Cart

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