Photo Stack for ProShow GOLD

Photo Stack for ProShow GOLD

Compatible with ProShow GOLD 6 and higher
For all show aspect ratios (widescreen 16:9 and standard 4:3 shows)

I've created this effect at the request of one of my ProShow Gold customers, who liked the similar effect made previously for ProShow Producer.

Let me start first by saying what this effect is NOT:
It is not a slide style! It is not even a series of slide

This is a complete show, made of 20 slides, that when played together, will create a seamless animation effect.
This is because, ProShow Gold does not work with keyframes, like its big brother Producer. Gold is limited to one motion per slide (starting position and ending position), and each animation needs its own slide.

The show that you receive uses colorful placeholders that you need to replace with your own pictures. That is why I named it a template. It gives you full representation of the needed pictures, with layer names just like in a style, and with full guidance on what kind of pictures to insert in each and every layer.

By using Windows Explorer, you can insert your own pictures automatically, in just a few minutes.

A detailed tutorial on how to use this product is also included.

Price: USD 7.00

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