Folds and Paper Cutouts

Folds and Paper Cutouts - Slide Styles

Compatible with Producer 6 and Higher
For widescreen shows only (show aspect ratio: 16x9)

Folds and Paper Cutouts, includes a large variety of cutout effects, and also folding and unfolding animations for your pictures.

You'll find cutouts of a pigeon, a bird, flowers of all sorts, butterflies, hearts, and also rich filigree effects.
For short, lots and lots of pleasant surprises for the viewers of your shows!

As shown in my demo clip, these styles are very versatile, and can be used in any number of shows, from weddings to family shows.

The pack includes a total of 11 slide styles for widescreen shows:
  • Folds and Pigeon
  • Folded Diamond - Left
  • Folded Diamond - Right
  • Folded Diamonds Left and Right
  • Round Turn Over
  • Hearts Unfold
  • Filigree and Scalloped Frames
  • Scalloped Edges and Tulips
  • Scalloped Edges and Dandelions
  • Folds and Bird
  • Folds and Butterfly - Portrait Images

Price USD 22.95

If you are interested in this product, please email me with your request. An online invoice will be sent to you. The download link for your purchase will be sent after the payment.

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