Life Episodes - Slide Styles



Life Episodes - Slide Styles
Colored Title Bars for Your Titles

Compatible with Producer 6 and Higher
For widescreen shows only (show aspect ratio: 16x9)

You can use regular pictures that were shot in either 4x3 or 3x2 aspect ratio, as well as extra wide pictures with a 16x9 aspect ratio. Video clips can be easily included too.

Life Episodes is a versatile pack of intro title styles that can be used in any show.
Use these styles to create introduction chapters for your show, or to promote a new idea, or just for simple title effects.

As requested by some customers, these styles are given in two versions:
  • Simple, clean bars with no decorations
  • Swirls on bars, for a more light feeling
Everything can be customized: you can change the colors of the title bars, change the fonts and the colors of your captions, and replace the backgrounds, if you wish.

The pack includes the following styles:

- Show title
- Quotation Montage
- 5 (five) Title styles for 3 images with different tilting effects
- 5 (five) Title styles for 1 image with different tilting effects

The zip file that you receive includes a total of 12 styles, and a short instructions on how to use them.

PRICE Simple Clean Version:  USD 17.95
PRICE Swirls on Bars Version: USD 17.95

 If you are interested in either one of these products, please email me with your request. An online invoice will be sent to you. The download link for your purchase will be sent after the payment.

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