Autumn Slide Styles for ProShow Producer

Autumn Styles

Compatible with Producer 5 and Higher
For widescreen shows only (show aspect ratio: 16x9)

We don't get to see much fall foliage in my part of the wold. So, making slide styles with falling leaves, and autumn colors, is my only way of showing how much I like this season.

The Autumn Styles pack includes 7 slides styles, and one bonus transition, with lots of graphics and interesting effects.

The styles:
* Autumn Title
* Grapevine Lateral Borders
* Grapevine Top Border Landscapes
* Grapevine Top Border Portraits
* Progressive Leaves Right with Pumpkins
* Progressive Leaves Left with Leaves
* Autumn Display

Price: USD 14.95

If you are interested in this product, please email me with your request. An online invoice will be sent to you. The download link for your purchase will be sent after the payment.

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