Moire Effects for ProShow Producer

Moiré Effects for ProShow Producer

Slide Styles and Template

Compatible with Producer 6 and Higher
For widescreen shows only (show aspect ratio: 16:9)

A small pack of slide styles that I enjoyed making very much, because they were inspired by my favorite TV series, "The Good Wife".
I always admired the effects in the opening credits of this series, and now, I finally have found a way to recreate them in Producer.

The effects are named after the moiré pattern (pronounced /mwɑrˈ/ ), that is sometimes seen in pictures scanned from newspapers or other printed materials. It's like a crosshatched or dotted pattern. Although we often try to get rid of these artifacts, I think that there is beauty in them too, if used wisely.

Each slide style is given in two versions: either all black and white, or black and white followed by full color.
You also have the option of positioning your captions on the left, or on the right, depending on what best suits your own pictures.
In all, there are 16 slide styles in this set.

The zip file that you receive, also includes a template version that is identical to my demo show, and which you can use as guidance, if you'd like to use the same transitions that I did.

All the captions are editable in Producer 6, and you can easily change the color to suit your own pictures.
The captions are optional, and you can create slides without any caption, by simply deleting the text layers.

Price: USD 16.95

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1 comment:

BocaBuckeye said...

Love the new styles inspired by "The Good Wife" ... which, coincidentally, is one of my favorite shows.