Intro 2 - Slide Styles for ProShow Producer

Intro No. 2 - Slide Styles


Intro 2 is a style for the introductory slide of your show, or for its main chapters, in which you can present your title in a dynamic and attractive way.

Intro 2 is a basic style with 3 (three) versions:
  • Basic- elegant, with clean lines for more formal shows
  • Basic with image - eg. your travel shows
  • Christmas - for the Holidays and also to give you an example of what can be achieved with this style.

 In addition to these three versions , you can customize your slide even further, by changing its coloring schemes, the fonts, or by adding backgrounds and more elements.

Available for both 16x9 Widescreen and for 4x3 Standard formats.

The zip file that you receive includes:
* 6 slide styles in pxs format, inclusive of all the graphics necessary for this effect.
* Short tutorial with tips and tricks for customizing your slides.


Bill - Linda's Lenses said...

Nice design, Mona -- very sleek, very modern. Instantly usable.

Peter - UK said...

Yes, nice to see something suitable for more corporate use in addition to the more usual consumer style.